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All You Wanted to Know And More

What's it like in a Thai Temple?

 Wat Buddhapradeep Thai Cultural Center and Temple is a place where both Buddhist and non-Buddhist who have an interest in Thai culture can meet and explore.

We offer classes and workshops on subjects such as traditional Thai dancing, Buddhist study and Meditation Classes. You do not have to be a practicing Buddhist to attend any of our events or classes.

We offer a place where those who are interested can grow their knowledge and increase their focus on a way of life and living that leads to greater understanding and achievement of cultural diversity.

Does anyone speak English?

Yes, several monks including the Abbot speak English. Many Thai people that visit the temple also speak English and are happy to help out.

Thai Temple Etiquette

Thai Buddhist Monks must follow over 220 rules. Luckily, there are only a couple things as a visitor you should consider.

Please remove your shoes when you are visiting the main worship or temple area.

Modest dress is most appreciated meaning no bikini bottoms or tank tops.

When greeting a monk, please use the customary "Wai" pronounced "why" greeting which is placing your two palms of your hands together near your chest and bowing towards your hands. This is both a greeting as well as a sign of respect. It's easy!

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